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Alana Ray

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Alana Ray


Alana is a bubbly and personable young lawyer, who joined the M A Legal private client division with a strong background in criminal, civil and innovative justice law. Being a compassionate and empathic individual, Alana strives to achieve the best results for her clients by employing a collaborative and pragmatic problem solving approach to their legal matters. 

Alana prides herself on forging strong relationships with her clients, whilst also being highly sensitive to their needs.

Having worked within various Community Legal Centres, Victorian prisons and the Innocence Initiative, Alana has much to offer by way of diversity and experience. She is highly passionate about law reform and possesses an inherent inclination to advocate for the rights of people and to facilitate of access to justice for all populations.

Alana enjoys having a laugh, spending time with her family and friends, playing the piano, and watching crime documentaries.

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