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Cristian Urdea

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Cristian Urdea

Senior Associate Lawyer
Civil Litigation

Cristian joined the team at M A Legal with longstanding aspirations of becoming a respected litigator and so he embarked on this journey believing six espressos a day would be sufficient to overcome any obstacle in his way. He has since thankfully cut back on caffeine and is no longer seen roaming the office at all times of night.

Cristian has an avid eye for identifying and minimising risk in any scenario as well as successfully managing clients’ expectations and is as meticulous in building a case. Cristian has an extensive legal background in commercial law and civil litigation with a particularly strong skill set in presenting any side of an argument in his drafting. His client not only value his opinion but also his ability to accurately put their position to paper and before the Courts in a strategic and cost-effective manner.

He is admired for his unbelievable work ethic and knowledge of commercial litigation but unquestionably appreciated most for his warmth, quirkiness and honesty.

Cristian is not only a valued member of the team, he is our self-appointed interior designer, resident photographer and pastry connoisseur.

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