Make an informed decisions


Having as much information as possible is essential to make an empowered judgment on your next steps.

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At M A Legal we believe that you should always be fully informed before making any decisions and we therefore strive to make information readily accessible and easily obtainable. Our brochures are to help and guide you in deciding on your next steps. Each document is tailored to the specific course you are about to embark on and addresses the matters that you should start giving thought to.

Buying a Property

In this brochure, we give you a brief overview of some of the issues that you should consider when considering purchasing a residential property. The purpose of this brochure is to provide you general introductory information. It is not designed to be a conclusive summary of the issues confronting a person interested in buying a property, as each property is unique. This brochure however, will give you general information in relation to some of the pitfalls to be avoided.

Selling a Property

The legal process of selling and transferring the ownership of a property is called Conveyancing. There are many parts to this process, the estate agent, lawyer and seller (or vendor) all have their role to play. This guide is designed to help you avoid problems that may arise when selling a property. It covers the process involved with residential property such as houses, units and vacant residential land.

Shareholders Agreements

A shareholder agreement can play a vital role in any business with more than one owner, whether large or small. It should confirm how you and your business partners want to own and run your business, but it is a simple idea that is often overlooked by business owners particularly at the start up stage.

Purchasing a Rent Roll

Purchasing a Rent Roll is undoubtedly an effective and viable way for any real estate agency to expand and grow their business. This Information Brochure sets out some key points for agents to be aware of when considering the purchase of a Rent Roll and further, when negotiating the terms of the agreement on which that purchase may be effected.