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Jeremy Koadlow

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Jeremy Koadlow


Jeremy Koadlow is a legal professional bringing over 20 years’ experience in business as a founder, owner, and director to his practice in law and the M A Legal commercial team.

Steadily becoming a go-to-lawyer and advisor for his clients across the hospitality, retail, and service industries, his point of difference is that he provides the legal services he wished he received as a business owner. As a legal professional Jeremy offers service and practical advice from the perspective of putting the customer and their experience front and centre.

Jeremy provides legal support to help set up, grow, protect, or defend a business as required. Focused on the Hospitality, Retail and Service industries.

Beyond legal practice, Jeremy remains actively engaged in the hospitality industry. Serving as a member of the Steering Committee for the City of Yarra Liquor Licensing forum, a sought-after guest speaker at various liquor forums throughout Victoria, addressing emerging legal issues impacting business owners and managers.

A natural extravert, Jeremy loves exploring restaurants, bars, and venues, experiencing live music, and spending time out in community with friends and family.

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