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Marta Vlad

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Marta Vlad

Commercial, Business Advisory

Marta joined M A Legal with a passport full of stamps and a wealth of knowledge in criminal and immigration law. As a true testament to her ability to learn and adapt Marta quickly gained extensive commercial prowess.

She has quick wit and a fearless nature which results in quick and efficient results.

Marta is detail orientated and can draft any commercial document at a remarkable speed – though we question whether she actually sleeps as she seems to find twice as many hours in the day as everyone else, which she needs to keep up with her thriving social life and exercise regime.

If we had to choose, our favourite thing about Marta is her knowledge of literally every single restaurant in Melbourne. All that eating out may explain why she feels the need to get up every day at 5am to go to “F45”, which we can only assume is code word for some sort of kale worshipping cult for attractive people.

Having worked at the London 2012 Olympics in athlete services, Marta will readily admit that her passion lies in sport – if only she had the hand eye co-ordination to match.

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