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Rex Afrasiabi

At M A Legal the focus is helping you both in your business life and personal life achieve your goals and desired results.

Rex Afrasiabi

Founding Principal
Commercial, Business Advisory and Civil Litigation Team Leader

Rex is a principal and the founder of M A Legal. Rex started M A Legal with an immense drive to help his clients achieve success within the framework of the law.

Rex has an extensive legal background holding roles as General Manager and Legal Counsel for a large manufacturing distribution company, Senior Solicitor acting for members of the BRW 1000 Entrepreneurs List as well as legal counsel for government bodies and charitable organisations.

He is known for his business acumen and ability to guide clients not only through complex commercial litigation and business negotiation but in their strategic growth and planning needs. He has played a pivotal role not only in start-ups but in existing large enterprises with his clients comprising real estate moguls and business leaders.

Rex brings a unique and fresh perspective to legal challenges in business and commerce as he himself engages in significant property development ventures, sits on a number of boards as well as is a founding director of the charity, Build 4 Kids.

Rex develops and extremely strong rapport with his clients and is driven to achieve the best possible outcomes for them and in return has built a significant and loyal following. He is an extremely passionate individual who does not do anything in half measures; it takes one look at his collection of motor and boxing memorabilia to know that he will fight for his clients. His lovely demeanour aside, he is fierce and fearless in all his pursuits.

Rex is a family man having welcomed his daughter into the world in 2017 and has an ambitious list of pursuits outside of work not limited to snowboarding, racing cars and motorbikes, boxing, training, enjoying a good wine and espresso martini, and travelling.

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