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Find out how to close this chapter of your life with a free Family Law consultation 

Is separation on the cards? Are you in an unhappy marriage or relationship and want to know what the next steps are? We understand that a relationship breakdown is an extremely stressful situation, and it’s important to get accurate, easy to understand advice from someone you can trust. 

Get clear, upfront advice so you know exactly where you stand 

We have a team of experienced Family Lawyers who have worked on over 1000 Family Law cases to achieve the best outcome for our clients, anyway we can within the means of the law.

Our clients trust us because:

  • 90%+ of our cases don’t go to trial
  • 1000+ cases achieving the outcomes desired by our clients
  • Strategic approach to getting the best outcome

How Does It Work

  1. Claim your free Family Law consultation: Simply take 2 minutes to fill in the form below to secure your spot. Act quickly, we only take on 8 new clients each month!
  2. Meet with an experienced Family Lawyer: We’ll listen to your case, and give you bespoke legal advice on how to proceed. Get all of your questions answered!
  3. Feel confident in the next steps you take: You’ll leave with a clear understanding and action plan on exactly how you need to proceed to get the ideal outcome for you. 

This Free Family Law Consultation Is Not For You If…

Please know that our services and expertise are best suited to certain situations. This consultation is not the right fit for you if:

  • You are strictly after a divorce order, or
  • You are not seeking a property settlement, or
  • You are not to implement parenting arrangements.

Here are  some of the things you’ll get clarity on in your free Family Law consultation: 

  • The next steps to take if you’re ready to divorce or separate from your partner
  • How to deal with any issues that may arise in your case – we’ll help you be prepared for anything
  • The entire court process if your case lands in Court – we’ll walk you through step by step of what you can expect to happen
  • Common pitfalls that can go wrong based on your situation (and how to avoid them)
  • Facts around your property, children, assets, and money during your separation. Plus, we’ll map out clear paths to take to get your best outcome
  • Arguments your partner may present, and how you can be prepared to overcome them
  • The best questions to ask a Family Law lawyer before paying them a cent – it’s important to make sure you choose the best lawyer for you

Let us guide you through one of the toughest times of your life

We can help and advise you on all facets of Family Law.  

Divorce and Separation

Our family law team at M A Legal provides professional family law advice and guidance on your rights and obligations during this testing period.

Property Settlements

Following the breakdown of a relationship or divorce you will need to work out how to divide your property and financial assets.

Children’s Matters and Parental Rights

Our team assists separated parents, to help them reach an agreement on how their children will be cared for following the breakdown of a relationship.

Binding Financial Agreements and Consent Orders

Consent Orders are ratified by the Family Law Courts and Binding Financial Agreements maintained privately between the parties.

Intervention Orders

Intervention orders are often seen in family law with the purpose being to protect parties against family violence experienced on the home front.

Same Sex Relationships

Same sex couples face the same issues on separation as all other couples. Our focus is on assisting tailor made legal support that meets your needs.

Claim your free, confidential Family Law legal consultation

We understand that this isn’t an easy time, and you aren’t going to make decisions fast. Speak with one of our friendly lawyers for free, in your 100% no obligation Family Law Legal consultation. 

We’ll listen to your case, and give you bespoke legal advice on how to proceed. Get all of your biggest questions answered (before you make any decisions) and have a clear action plan and strategy on what you need to do to get the best possible outcome for you. 

To claim your free Family Law consultation, and to find out if you are eligible to work with us, simply fill in the form below.