Agreements and Advice

M A Legal has an outstanding and technically sound commercial law team ready to assist you and your needs.

Agreements and Advice

Our commercial lawyers are business minded, innovative individuals who possess extensive experience in drafting all forms of commercial agreements and contracts.

With reputable skills in drafting and advising on commercial agreements, we thrive on negotiating terms most favourable to our clients and suggesting amendments to ensure the agreements reflect the parties’ intentions accurately as well as provide appropriate mechanisms to deal with situations when things do not go according to plan. Our ever-growing passion for corporate structuring and business planning means clients are met with creative advice and effective strategies.

We have a wealth of knowledge and experience in preparing and advising on countless forms of commercial agreements and contracts including the following:

  • Shareholders and Unitholders Agreements
  • Licence and Franchise Agreements
  • Joint Venture and Partnership Agreements
  • General Business and Commercial Agreements, Contracts and Deeds
  • Deeds of Settlement
  • Terms and Conditions of Trade
  • Sale of Shares and Units Agreements
  • Business Purchase Agreements
  • Deeds of Acknowledgement of Debt
  • Employment Agreements

We are firm believers that a well thought out and drafted agreement will not only mitigate uncertainty with respect to each party’s obligations under any given agreement but it will also minimise disputes arising from such uncertainty.

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