Starting, Buying and Selling a Business

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Starting, Buying and Selling a Business

Alongside buying or selling property, starting, buying or selling a business is one of the biggest decisions an individual will make in their lifetime.

Starting a Business

One of the vital considerations when starting your own business is the way you structure the business to best suit your needs. Our commercial lawyers have a wealth of knowledge in advising prospective business owners with respect to various structure options available to them to ensure the structure chosen is most appropriate.

Starting any business involves significant risk and ensuring strategies to reduce risk are correctly implemented is a crucial step in protecting not only your personal assets but your business assets also.

We are here to assist in setting up the appropriate structure for you, obtaining the necessary licences and approvals and to draft and advise on entering into partnership or other business agreements such as licence and/or franchise agreements, leases, as well as conditions of trade.

Buying and Selling a Business

As is the case when starting a new business, buying an established business also raises a multitude of issues that must be considered and apart from the day to day running of the business, ensuring it operates under the most appropriate structure is essential.

We are here to facilitate a smooth and seamless transition with minimal, if any, disruption to the operation of the business and we help establish, grow and protect our client’s business whilst guiding them through the complex web of legal requirements. We pride ourselves in assisting clients across a wide range of businesses, with varied business experience and from a diverse selection of industries.

We are committed to understanding our clients’ businesses and the way in which they operate and by analysing our client’s commercial goals we are able to quickly provide strategies which are both ingenious and cost effective.

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