Commercial Litigation

M A Legal has a strong disputes and litigation team with a breadth of experience in driving a favourable outcome, secured recovery and enforcement.

Commercial Litigation

In a highly competitive business environment, commercial disputes are almost inevitable.

This could include contractual disputes where each party has a different understanding of what their obligations and rights are under a contract. Disputes may arise in respect of:

  • Building contracts.
  • Contracts of sale or purchase of business.
  • Real estate agent authorities or commissions.
  • Agreements for the supply of goods or services.
  • Franchise agreements.

These disputes may not necessarily involve a written agreement and may take the form of an oral agreement. These may also involve various implied terms based on parties conduct and the like, which will add further complexity to a dispute.

When disputes arise, or where parties to a contract have a different understanding of its implications, our focus will be to minimise risk and resolve your dispute with minimal disruption.

We have experience in handling a wide range of disputes and representing varied clients in large and small scale commercial litigation. We advise and represent local and international clients across a broad spectrum of industries in several Australian jurisdictions.

If you are unsure of how to bring your dispute to Court, our litigation lawyers can consult with you and find the best avenues to pursue your claim or defend a claim made against you.

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