Competition and Consumer Law Disputes

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Competition and Consumer Law Disputes

Adverse product liability events can cause significant brand devaluation resulting in lost revenue and declining customer loyalty. Conversely, a defective product or service may result in injury or financial loss to a consumer.

More than forty years on from the inception of a national consumer law framework, the prohibitions against misleading and deceptive conduct under the Australian Consumer Law are some of the most litigated areas of consumer disputes.

Competition and Consumer Law disputes may involve:

  • Debtor location and skip tracing.
  • Settling matters by way of alternative dispute resolution.
  • Obtaining and enforcing judgement orders.
  • Urgent injunction applications where there is a risk of asset dissipation.
  • Drafting trade terms and strategic advice on internal credit policy to minimise the need to recover the debt formally.
  • Advise you on the protection of your security interests under the Personal Properties Security Act.

We have experience in handling a wide range of disputes relating to the Competition and Consumer Law Act, including all aspects of the Australian Consumer Law, servicing individual clients, manufacturers, retailer, suppliers and distributors.

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